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let's trasmute into coherence

- an in sight out -

When I look around me, hear, feel and see the unfoldings all around the world, from floodings and fire to viruses and control, I can not different, then asking myself, if we might look at it the wrong way around.

What if, we are not in danger, but we evolved into a danger? What if we are not the climax of evolution and just part of a much larger evolutionary process?

Our human way of living on this planet seems to me, has developed into a pretty parasitic way of just little co-living in coherence. We take what we want and give back little. This might be just partly true within some friendship/family circles, yet it seems to me to be a pretty accurate description on the tendency of human interaction between societies in general and even more so in the interaction with all the other living beings on our shared planet, not to mention the planet herself.

So how about, if we would just step one step back, beyond the confinement of our perceived sense of self and open up, just for a moment, to a bigger potentially existing consciousness, that might exist all around us? Yes, lets to this literally. A being all around us, that is conscious, that is bigger than us, and guess what… even better so, of which we are an essential part of. Just like the liver or heart cells are simple yet very important parts in our bodies that make us us.

Looking through such a lens and perceiving ourselves in a new way. Gaining a self-awareness, a sense of self, participating as one part of a whole ecosystem, contributing to a healthy earth body. What would the current events all around us tell us? That we might have gone astray in our way of fulfilling our bigger duties?

That we might have mutated into somewhat unhealthy cells within a much bigger organism? That that organism is somewhat trying to work on the distorted cells to either transmute them at least into neutrality or if necessary, even to flush them out of the ecosystem, in order that the system can grow and thrive once again?

I’m not much of a doctor. I only speak from my experience, living through illness and sickness within my body myself. But if I had some sort of malfunction event happening in my body, my body reacted with fever, intense sweating, an immune system response that included antibodies and T-cells that attacked the malevolent source, so my body could once again balance into its harmonious co-living within itself and grow into prosperity.

Sounds familiar within a different scale? Viruses (immune response), flooding (sweat), fever (heat n fire), maybe? I’m just imagining.

As this might be somewhat clear for a lot of us, my point isn’t that by itself. What I want to focus on is the question that naturally arises, once the position of ourselves within a bigger self becomes clear. What can we do to stop ourselves from harming ourselves and the bigger organism all together?


The answer is simple: Stop being a jerk to yourself, to the people around you, to all beings around you and to the world herself, take on the responsibility, and drop into self love and care!

As simple the answer might be, it yet might be harder to actually realize such an insight. And I feel far from capable and authorised to give the answer on how that healing process might look for anyone involved. I do though want to share some of my personal insights of my journey, some of what helped me to stop slowly but surely and heal along.

First of all, let’s stop blaming ourselves and each other for what has been created in the past. We are here now. Let us look around, see where we are at with radical honesty to ourselves and forgive us what we might have done wrong in the past. It’s ok, it is half as bad as it looks like and we can do change it together from now on. Shame, guilt and blame won’t help us to change anything. Acceptance, sincere forgiveness and honest clarity will offer us a fertile soil we can start to build upon. And yes, we are all in together, so let’s do it individually together and yet collectively.

Secondly, let’s become still. We won’t change anything if we try to go in a haste into creation of some appealing good ideas with the same way of being that we actually want to change. Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking (consciousness) we used when we created them”. So work on yourself by letting yourself go. Let go! Take a breath and let go! Over and over again. Till the letting go of all the identifications, programming, conditioning, etc might transform into an act of embracing, an act of making peace, an act of love and acceptance, an act of becoming still and empty. Bathe yourself in that stillness, in that emptiness. Give yourself some time and space!

Thirdly, be open and willing to go full circle throughout that process in love and trust. The first two steps won’t be easy at all. It will certainly feel like a literal death at times. Identities, Ideologies, habits, comfort zones, beloved ones might literally fall away, the relationship to them might change 180 degrees. And that might hurt and be painful a lot at times, but also liberating and empowering in other occasions. So I invite you all to honour that process, allow yourself to grieve what is no longer, as much as to celebrate it. Celebrate all of that, what has served you for so long and grieve what yet doesn’t serve you any longer. Be brave and trust that you won’t face anything, that you are not ready to face ever! Make your farewell in deep gratitude, love and joy.

Fourth, rest in that empty, liberated state as long as it asks you to do so. This emptiness is filled with all existence (Yes, paradoxes exist and they work actually very well). Be still and listen, pose a question and listen the answer to arise. Ask for truth to be revealed. Pose some of your biggest questions and simply just listen. The answer is there, otherwise the question would not be ready to be asked. And as the answer anticipates the question, it might not always rise from within our confined self. So truly listen, with your ears, your eyes, your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your field, your surrounding. Listen to the earth speaking to you. All is corresponding together constantly, and be open for the right question to be asked.

Fifthly, re-emerge form the void with insight, trust it and create, do all the steps it brings with it. At least until you feel called to restart the previous process all over anew. Allow yourself to dream big and honest for a healthy, harmonious world and keep the intention upright: to serve your highest good and that of everyone and everything involved! all the time! Keep on being honest to yourself and everyone involved. Be brave to do the necessary measures in love and presence. Keep your heart open, your mind clear. Take care of yourself and everyone around you. Take on the responsibility and move from a position of strength and purity. Your actions, your responses might surprise you at times, yet lived and executed in love and presence, they might reveal a bigger sense yet not ready to be perceived to its fullest. There is no right or wrong, when we rest and move from love.

6th, always use the benefit of the doubt. Check yourself, over and over again. The tendency of identifying ourselves with some half-true values along the way, out of fear and lack of identity (which can be scary at first) is an inherent mechanism, deeply rooted within our being. Look up the definition of ego in google. It happens fast to everyone of us, to grow back into narrow viewpoints, from even the most vast spaces. This magnificent mechanism of ours, requires masterful care to be used as a servant for the higher good of ourselves and the wholeness all around us. So keep on doing the steps one to five over and over again, as long it serves your growth. And remember, doing less is at times more than enough. Never doubt the purity of the core of your heart, it’s our perception and interpretation of that very core that is to be inspected.

So, this is me speaking to myself on my own process. There is no need for anyone to agree or follow any instruction. Yet anyone that resonates with any of this, is more than welcome to do with it however or whatever he/she pleases to do with it. We are our own lights to follow and there are at least as many paths as there are beings. Important is not what we do, but how we do it. So choose for yourself, pick up the responsibility for yourself and walk your path into the most glorious future for everyone involved you possibly can imagine!

To me, that self-love, that healing of the self, the healing of ourselves is the only way to heal, what might be off health. Once my cancerous cell understands its position and might transmute into its healthy state, my organism might become free of cancer. The cell will yet remain a cell, or not, either way, it serves a new way of being. Death will feed life, from which death will feed, that is and will remain the cycle of existence.

Life in a new way, moved from your newly found center, that is maybe even older than initially anticipated and might look quite alike the old way of being, yet just different. Chopping wood and doing the garden might yet still remain. Human mundane tasks might still remain as they have always done. Taking care of

each other, loving, relating, teaching, and what else have you, might yet still remain. But the doing of the same might though originate from a different center, a different awareness, a different way of being. And so inevitable lead to different outcomes.

And yes, the process might appear long, excruciating and almost impossible, yet it actually doesn’t have to. It can be quite easeful and playful along that journey. And the best part of it all, we can do it together!

For the love of everybody - lets grow beyond and finally live in coherence! <3

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